Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Job hunting was hard :(

Hai lama rasanya tak buka blog ni..

Okay currently I just finish my degree level yahuuu...but it was hard to find a job :(
Hope will get a good news soon. You know what, I applied for more than 30 jobs and did get an interview. But, till now not getting any email or phone calls from them hmm. Actually, I get the offer but I do not like the position that being offered to me so I just considered it as I did not get any offer yet lol.

Bukan memilih but I want to work in a good environment with the job that I am willing to commit for long. Sebab kalau boleh nak kerja tu lama not just hangat2 taik ayam haa gituu. I did not really care about salary but how the organization and job that I need to perform is the most important things that I stress on. I have one company in my mind but due to money constraint to travel for the interview, I need to hold on first. Later, bila dah stabil will inform them about the date of interview. Sebab that company wait for me to set the date aduyaii.

Alright tu ja nak mengadu kat sini. Byee..

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Solusi kepada Kulit Bermasalah

Hai semua...

Hari ni saya nak berkongsi tentang pengalaman saya mengalami muka bermasalah. Muka saya bermasalah sejak saya di tingkatan 2 which is disebabkan faktor resdung. Semua adik beradik mengalami masalah yang sama. Memang first muka naik jerawat tu rasa down gila sampaikan rasa berat ja hati nak gi sekolah. Tambah pulak time tu ramai peminat luls. Then bila muka mula naik jerawat peminat pon lari kahkahkah.

Memang waktu tu buntu sangat nak cari produk apa yang sesuai untuk hilangkan jerawat yang makin lama makin rancak naik kat muka ni. Macam-macam produk saya guna and banyak duit habis dekat muka ni ja. Masalah muka ni tak jugak selesai sampailah saya masuk uni. Habis diploma pon still tak hilang..

Pastu bila time sambung degree kebetulan satu rumah dengan sorang member ni. Muka dia lagi teruk dari saya. Tapi bila dah lama serumah dengan dia, makin lama saya perasan jerawat kat muka dia makin kurang. Tapi saya tak tanya la sebab macam segan pulak. Then, satu hari dia tanya saya ada masalah kulit sensitif ke? Saya jawabla haah, dah lama since sekolah menengah lagi. Dia pon syorkan saya try T3 Mycin iaitu lotion yang kita hanya boleh dapati di Watson, Guardian and farmasi ja. Lagi satu lotion ni under control so if nak beli kena jumpa person in charge bahagian ubat-ubatan terkawal ni dulu. Isi nama apa semua dulu baru boleh beli.

Alhamdulillah memang berkesan. Boleh perasan perubahan dalam masa seminggu bila jerawat baru dah tak tumbuh and jerawat lama makin kecut dan hilang camtu ja. Waktu mula pakai memang akan rasa pedih sikitla since dia act untuk kill all the bad germs kat muka tu. Actually ada dua jenis Mycin iaitu satu bentuk lotion and satu lagi bentuk air yang kita perlu dab je kat muka without guna tangan. I prefer yang dab sebab it is more hygiene since kita tak sentuh dengan tangan kita and elak sentuh muka jugak dengan tangan.

Until now muka dah okey just sekarang saya cuba cari ubat parut pulak since ada parut sikit kesan jerawat dulu-dulu.Parut saya tak banyak sebab memang dari dulu takda nak picit jerawat and selalu pakai bio oil. So if korang yang still tercari-cari solusi untuk kulit problem bolehla try produk ni. Tak mahal pon around RM30 something and tahan 6 bulan. Make sure pakai setiap pagi and malam in sha Allah muka kembali normal balik.

Haa ni yang lotion punya

Ni la dab dab je ..I prefer this one 

Okey itu saja yang saya nak kongsikan untuk entri kali ini. J

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Ekspedisi Penyambung Warisan - Day 5

Assalamualaikum :)

Yeahh.. tonight I think I want to finish up this story hahaha. It's quite long to write 6 days of expedition. But it's okay I love writing (serious) huhu.

On the day 5, Kak Timah, Merra and me was wake up at 3 a.m. to cook for everyone since the ration was still much left and we decided to finish it by making a breakfast. Luckily, around 5 a.m., every girls wake up and they were ready to give a hand at the kitchen. Even the committee members were helping us to prepare for the breakfast.The menu was Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis, Hot tea, and Omelette. It was a simple menu for breakfast but really meaningful when we got to eat together.

Abang Akmal brief us on how to ride a horse.

It was very calming to sit on the horse

The next activity was horse riding. All of us went to the horse stable and listened to the Abang Akmal briefing about the etiquette on how to ride the horse. It's quite fun and relax. Actually.. by riding a horse, it helps one's to improve their confidence and healthy lifestyle. I wish I can repeat these activity again in the future. Next, all of us move to Gua Batu Maloi for the next activity. It's took 40 minutes to reach there by car. At 9.30 a.m. we arrived and get ready to explore the Gua Batu Maloi. There were full of big stones and really catch my eye for every single step in that cave. But to enter the cave was really challenging especially for people who has a big body. Some of it's passage require one's to crawl, lie face downward, and even lower body in order to fit the cave passage. Luckily.. I have a small body hoho.. :)

Inside of Gua Batu Maloi

The way to get rid the feeling of tired was a selfie :))

Face that just getting out from the cave.

 Yeayhh!! Done cave exploration :)

At 12 p.m., we already arrived at our starting point back and having our lunch together. Our next activity started at 3.30 p.m where it was the abseiling and climbing session. I felt nervous at first to do the abseiling for the second time because during Diploma I already tried it and it was trembling to throw out your body backwards and going down using the rope. But, En Amir and his wife kept giving me a word of encouragement to  try it for the second time and throw the feeling of nervousness. Alhamdulillah..it was fun!!

 BBQ toimeeee..

The outdoor activity end at 6 p.m and we were going back to our camp site. I thought it was our rest time already but nooooo! We need to prepare for the BBQ for tonight because this is our last night. So, after divided the task..we started to clean the chicken, meat, make a sauces and prepare for the grilling time. That night,our dinner were full of joy and happiness because we successfully manages to get through all of hardship along these expedition.

After dinner, we need to assemble at Astaka. Since it's still too early to start our activity.. so we join the group of singer to sing the song with them.

Our activity that night was just a presentation about our last feedback about Malay race nowadays. So, after that.. the activity for day 5 done :) ..

Monday, 17 October 2016

Ekspedisi Penyambung Warisan - Day 4

Assalamualaikum :)

Okey guys..at the 4th day of an expedition, we need to go to Ladang Alam Warisan for the next activity. As usual, we had been brief by Abang Rushdi and of course there were a mission that we need to complete during our journey. He gave us an envelope that said we need to interview local people around and asked the question stated that relate with our Malay students right now.
Luckily ..I've completed my mission in 40 minutes and after that we were waiting for the bus to take us to the Ladang Alam Warisan. In the middle of our journey to go there, alhamdulillah we met an uncle who willingly to send us to Ladang Alam Warisan because we can't go in there by bus and to walk there without transport is quite far.
Abang Rushdi gave us an envelope and brief about the mission.

Taking a picture with the owner, Abang Akmal's mum

Luckily..that strangers uncle want to help us :)

Doing our mission to clean the mosque

That uncle send us inside of Ladang Alam Warisan and refuse to take the money that we gave. He' s such a good person.. We were completing our mission by cleaning the mosque inside of that place. After all the mission had been settled..we walked to have our lunch but...we were unlucky because we bumped into Abang Akmal too early and he suddenly asked us to explain about '4 sedar' in GPMS...it took an hour we got mumbling by him. One of our members got caught sleepy and she had been asked by Abang Akmal to kiss the big tree behind us. Huhh ..this expedition were something .
Till our free time already finished because Abang Akmal took it..so he then asked us to change clothes within 3 minutes and come back for archery session. We were running scatterly to the room in order to prevent from being punished again.During archery session, he teached us on how to focus and it's apply on our daily life. He said, if we want to aim for something, we need to keep focus.Only that, our goal can be achieved.
Listening to Abang Akmal mumbling about how weak 'anak melayu' 

Getting punished to pumping for multiple times due to lack of focus

Archery session

Need to catch a 100 of fishes in this pond

 Don't know how to catch using our hands hahha

After that, he dared us to catch a hundred of fish in the pond by using our hands. He said if not..that fish more genius than us. Until on the last minutes, we managed to get only 19 of fishes. But it's quite great because we never done this kind of things before.That night, after performed a Maghrib prayer, we had been asked by Abang Akmal to cook that fish with the menu that he wanted.  He also wanted all of that menu to be served in one tray for every 4 of people.So, all of us cooperated and divided the task to prepare for tonight dinner. Luckily.. all preparation goes perfectly.

After dinner time, we continue our session by presenting feedback that we got from interview session with local people. One by one from us told each opinion that we got and sometimes other committee and Abang Akmal will added their thought if needed. It's such a peaceful discussion about Malay race in the future if we didn't changes our negativity in terms of knowledge, behaviour, way of thinking and others. That way make me think how lucky I am to be included in this club because they are all positive people and because of them I could see the best in me.

After finished that discussion, our activity for today finished but still En Amir asked us to list all the feedback on manila card to be put in their office as references. All of that things had been done by us right away that night.At 1 am, we were went head back to our room and rest our body for tomorrow activity.

-to be continued-

Ekspedisi Penyambung Warisan- Day 3

Hye and assalamualaikum ☺,

Okey tonight..I'm going to continue the story for 3rd day during an expedition in Negeri Sembilan on last August. Actually I just have a few times tonight to continue writing about this. As usual, when the class begin the time for this kind of things was really little.

So on the 3rd day, we were gathered at 8.30 am to get ready for hiking. After we were brief by Abang Rushdi and huh ..there were another mission to get settled during going up to the Gunung Angsi. He gave us  an envelope that contained an information of how to complete the mission.We have been released by Abg Rushdi separately to hike on the peak by completing the mission using our own strategy. So, at the check point 2 and 3 we need to ask a question regarding the information that we need to collect before reached the peak. All of us chose to cooperate with each other by sharing the information so that we can reach the peak together.

 Before all of us been released to go up hike one by one.

My turn to start hiking to find the 2nd and 3rd check point for mission

There were many obstacle during our journey to reach the peak of Gunung Angsi at every check point where the committee asked us about GPMS info and at some point we need to sing a GPMS song and memorize it right away.We reach the peak at around 2pm and having lunch with 'Nasi Impit' that we cooked at the night before. Actually I didn't eat 'Nasi Impit' so I just ate bread that I brought to fill my stomach. Then, after everyone taking their selfie at the peak we continue the mission that they gave us before going to the peak. Both group of us can't find the solution and at the end, the committee explained it to us. It's a critical thinking that we were not really expected plus with tiring body and mind, how could we thought about it.
Yeayyh finally..

Lunch at the peak of Gunung Angsi
Selfie comes first..

After going down and reached at Ulu Bendul camp site, we were free from any activity and the committee said our activity will started at night. So, we just use this plenty of time to have some fun at the swimming pool hoho.At night around 9pm, we started our activity by meeting with one of senior person in GPMS called, Encik Amir. At first, he was very strict and asked one by one to speak louder by calling everyone names. I was hoping that he didn't call me because my voice not really loud and I'm still coughing badly. Luckily he doesn't.But .. this night we need to do public speaking to tell everyone about what we got along 3 days staying here. Everyone of us appear one by one voluntarily in front of the stage and tell them what we think and what we didn't satisfied. Until all of us finished our public speaking then the activity for the 3rd day was ended.
En Amir called us randomly to pick one person and then asked about everyone names.

-to be continued-

Monday, 12 September 2016


Assalamualaikum and Happy Aidil Adha everyone :)

Alright, I will continue my story last week during I joined the GPMS club. On the second day, we were doing an activity that everyone of us need to create one logo that define or describe ourselves. Ohh.. I hate drawing logo ! Because I really fail when it comes to create something like that. But if you ask me to draw a cartoon, anime hehehe it's one of my hobby in the past. After create a logo, we need to explain what it is about. When the times is up, we started the session with one of girl in my group names, Mija. She told about her dream to be an entrepreneur. She likes money and she want to grab that by making a business. That's something great because she was very determined when she told us about her future. Then, we continue with another person until I was the second last to explain about my logo. I just drew a cloud and on top of that I put a star with eight vertices. It is the simplest logo in the group of us hahaha. I explained everything that I want to achieve through my drawing logo. It's quite long until Abg Rushdi said that I'm totally pass to be a tour guide in the future. Alhamdulillah.. because everyone gave a positive feedback after I told them my ambition. It's something that I never did before. That's why I like this club because they are very positive person.

After finished that activity at 12 p.m, we were having our rest time till 2.30 p.m. At that time, the weather is not good. It's raining heavily and we changes our places for the next activity at Astaka. This session, we need to create a group logo by combining every personality of us. So, our group create an eagle with a flames below of it. That activity finished at 4.30 pm and we continued with another session that really challenge ourselves. It's called 'Pentas Halangan' or in English we said 'Stage of Barriers.' I failed at stages where I need to depends on my hand strength. It's totally embarrassing because I fell into the stinky pond. Euwwwwerk! You know what, I am someone who are really hygiene comes first but at this situation oh my god!!! Then I totally can't think at that time till I just gave my hand to someone who are not a mahram. It's a men and he hold me to bring me up there. Luckily he's there but it's not what I expected. Arghhh! That's totally an emergency time for me..because no one in my group helped me. They were busy looking at other person who still survived at that stages. After that activity, we goes to the pool and wash away our body at there while playing with each other.

At night around 8.30 pm, our leader told us that every group need to create one cheers that describe our group. Then, before we begin our next session every group need to perform that cheers. All of us in the group was not ready and we just performed what we could. Activity on that night was just critical thinking and my group failed to go to another side but another group success in doing that. Maybe all of us not really good in that kind of things. But actually we does a good strategy but it's took more time than other group. That's why we failed :\ . That was my last activity on second day.

-to be continued-

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Ekspedisi Penyambung Warisan - First Day

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone ..

Tonight, I would like to share my experience while joining one program that had been held by GPMS UiTM. That program took about 6 days from 25-30 August 2016 in Negeri Sembilan. Even at the night before I was having a fever, but I don't know why I have a courage to join this program. That morning at 7.30, we were gathered at bus stop in front of Faculty Hotel and Tourism. There were not many participant joined this program since the date was at the end of semester break.
There were only two boys and twelve girls including me that participate in these program.

After the program director give a few words to us then they brought us to Shah Alam by car where the club office located. At there, they gave us the ration which consist cooking ingredients for 6 days such as rice, oil, bread, coffee, cassava, spice and others.I was so shocked since I didn't expected that we need to cook by ourselves. That was crazy! Then, the head facilitators gave the information regarding the program but they didn't gave the itinerary. It's weird for me because at least they must gave the tentative program so that we know what to do next. After all the explanation, they gave us the envelope contained the KTM ticket from Padang Jawa to Seremban. Omg!! I thought they prepared the bus for us but we need to go there by ourselves?? There were RM5 in that envelope and I don't know what for. They also give the time limit to reach at the Ulu Bendul which is at 3pm.

They sent us to the KTM Padang Jawa  and we started our journey by discussing with each other and we decided to cooperate and do the teamwork. After arrived at Seremban, we performed our Zuhur prayer and had our lunch before took the rapid to Ulu Bendul. Unfortunately, the rapid move a bit late since the driver want to full the bus with passenger. We arrived at Ulu Bendul at 4pm. It's obviously late hahaha. Since we already late and break the promise, so the facilitator make a deal with us to give a punishment due to our lateness. We need to take a dip in the pool for 10 minutes. its actually not good for me since I was in fever state. But the other participants was enjoyed that kind of punishment. It's held at night before we sleep. So, after we make a deal about the punishment, we proceed with first activities which are ice breaking. As usual, we need to introduce ourselves in front of others and then a couple in group need to memorize their couple background and explain it in front of other people.

At night, we were divided into two group which consist 7 people in each group. I was in Group A and our facilitator in charged was Abang Rusdi. That night, I learned about Trust and Openers which I need to told my lifetime from I was a baby until I am at 60 years old. Everyone in the group started telling their true story in the past because these session we need to trust and open with our group members. There are only between us.No stories allowed to be leaked outsides of this session. So, I can see there were a lot of sad stories in the past of everyone including me. I felt relieved that I can share that story with them even though I just know them only one day. After finished that session, our activities for first day end with our punishment to take a dip in the pool for 10 minutes and we need to get ready at second day by 8.30 am.

---- to be continued---