Monday, 22 August 2016

Books = Friends

Hye .. and salam senyum kambing :)

Currently I'm in the middle of semester break. For the first time, I just stay at home and didn't go for part time work like every past semester break. The reason is the period of time not really long. It just one month. But I do go for short vacation to Penang Island just for 2 days 1 night. I went there with my sister since she also wants to look for her new workplace at Hard Rock Hotel and rental house that suitable for her to stay.

As usual, there are a lot of tourist here and there in Penang Island that mostly travel in a packages of around Malaysia for 2 weeks. They will travel to every states in Malaysia for 2 to 3 days at every stop in the islands. It's fun right? I know these things since I ever worked at the hotel and the tourist from Europe told me that they have been offered by travel agent with that kind of packages. If I am not mistaken in Europe also have that packages to travel around there. Maybe we should try soon :)).

My daily routine along semester break are mostly accumulate for reading a books in my room. There are a lot of book that I need to memorize. It's just for general knowledge. Maybe it can help me in the future. I read much kind of genre like philosophy, history, poem, Islamic, motivation and so on. My room is just like a library and it is one of my heaven on earth :). Every time I read a book, my mind will not stop thinking about the future just because sometimes the books keep remind me about the world and it makes me always want to improve myself day by day. That's why books are the most honest friends since the origin of book is also human. Yes! Who exactly write the books? Who's thought that scatter in the books? It's human right? So, by reading a books it's automatically connect me to the strangers thought. So, can I claim that books are my friends? Yes !!! I've keep many friends in my room and there are all loyal to me :).

But one things you must keep in mind that not everything in the books is right. So before you trust it blindly, please do some research. But mostly are the right things since not everyone can be a writer without proper knowledge. Even a novel writer need to have many side of field in order to create the logic story. If not, their books will not get any acknowledgement. As you can see in the bookstore, there are abundant of book from nameless writer, even a students can be a writer and that's book even get a best seller. Did you know why? It's because they write the books from people perspective not only their own. They write from their own experience and feel. They write with sincerity. Most people in the world will choose a books by following their interest and close with themselves. So, that is the reason why books always being our valuable friends since the creator is also a human :))
The only difference is the books can't always answer all of our question but by having much kind of books genre it's will help. So, it's totally not wasting your money to buy much kind books because knowledge has no expired time.

As a conclusion for my thought, books never leave you but it's always give you something that people can't..which is the repeated knowledge. If you don't understand what's book talk about, you can read it again and again but with people if you ask them again and again they obviously will get mad haha see the different ?
Then, what are you waiting for?

 'You are what you read!'
Choose the right reading digest!

Thank you :)

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