Thursday, 8 September 2016

Ekspedisi Penyambung Warisan - First Day

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone ..

Tonight, I would like to share my experience while joining one program that had been held by GPMS UiTM. That program took about 6 days from 25-30 August 2016 in Negeri Sembilan. Even at the night before I was having a fever, but I don't know why I have a courage to join this program. That morning at 7.30, we were gathered at bus stop in front of Faculty Hotel and Tourism. There were not many participant joined this program since the date was at the end of semester break.
There were only two boys and twelve girls including me that participate in these program.

After the program director give a few words to us then they brought us to Shah Alam by car where the club office located. At there, they gave us the ration which consist cooking ingredients for 6 days such as rice, oil, bread, coffee, cassava, spice and others.I was so shocked since I didn't expected that we need to cook by ourselves. That was crazy! Then, the head facilitators gave the information regarding the program but they didn't gave the itinerary. It's weird for me because at least they must gave the tentative program so that we know what to do next. After all the explanation, they gave us the envelope contained the KTM ticket from Padang Jawa to Seremban. Omg!! I thought they prepared the bus for us but we need to go there by ourselves?? There were RM5 in that envelope and I don't know what for. They also give the time limit to reach at the Ulu Bendul which is at 3pm.

They sent us to the KTM Padang Jawa  and we started our journey by discussing with each other and we decided to cooperate and do the teamwork. After arrived at Seremban, we performed our Zuhur prayer and had our lunch before took the rapid to Ulu Bendul. Unfortunately, the rapid move a bit late since the driver want to full the bus with passenger. We arrived at Ulu Bendul at 4pm. It's obviously late hahaha. Since we already late and break the promise, so the facilitator make a deal with us to give a punishment due to our lateness. We need to take a dip in the pool for 10 minutes. its actually not good for me since I was in fever state. But the other participants was enjoyed that kind of punishment. It's held at night before we sleep. So, after we make a deal about the punishment, we proceed with first activities which are ice breaking. As usual, we need to introduce ourselves in front of others and then a couple in group need to memorize their couple background and explain it in front of other people.

At night, we were divided into two group which consist 7 people in each group. I was in Group A and our facilitator in charged was Abang Rusdi. That night, I learned about Trust and Openers which I need to told my lifetime from I was a baby until I am at 60 years old. Everyone in the group started telling their true story in the past because these session we need to trust and open with our group members. There are only between us.No stories allowed to be leaked outsides of this session. So, I can see there were a lot of sad stories in the past of everyone including me. I felt relieved that I can share that story with them even though I just know them only one day. After finished that session, our activities for first day end with our punishment to take a dip in the pool for 10 minutes and we need to get ready at second day by 8.30 am.

---- to be continued---

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