Monday, 12 September 2016


Assalamualaikum and Happy Aidil Adha everyone :)

Alright, I will continue my story last week during I joined the GPMS club. On the second day, we were doing an activity that everyone of us need to create one logo that define or describe ourselves. Ohh.. I hate drawing logo ! Because I really fail when it comes to create something like that. But if you ask me to draw a cartoon, anime hehehe it's one of my hobby in the past. After create a logo, we need to explain what it is about. When the times is up, we started the session with one of girl in my group names, Mija. She told about her dream to be an entrepreneur. She likes money and she want to grab that by making a business. That's something great because she was very determined when she told us about her future. Then, we continue with another person until I was the second last to explain about my logo. I just drew a cloud and on top of that I put a star with eight vertices. It is the simplest logo in the group of us hahaha. I explained everything that I want to achieve through my drawing logo. It's quite long until Abg Rushdi said that I'm totally pass to be a tour guide in the future. Alhamdulillah.. because everyone gave a positive feedback after I told them my ambition. It's something that I never did before. That's why I like this club because they are very positive person.

After finished that activity at 12 p.m, we were having our rest time till 2.30 p.m. At that time, the weather is not good. It's raining heavily and we changes our places for the next activity at Astaka. This session, we need to create a group logo by combining every personality of us. So, our group create an eagle with a flames below of it. That activity finished at 4.30 pm and we continued with another session that really challenge ourselves. It's called 'Pentas Halangan' or in English we said 'Stage of Barriers.' I failed at stages where I need to depends on my hand strength. It's totally embarrassing because I fell into the stinky pond. Euwwwwerk! You know what, I am someone who are really hygiene comes first but at this situation oh my god!!! Then I totally can't think at that time till I just gave my hand to someone who are not a mahram. It's a men and he hold me to bring me up there. Luckily he's there but it's not what I expected. Arghhh! That's totally an emergency time for me..because no one in my group helped me. They were busy looking at other person who still survived at that stages. After that activity, we goes to the pool and wash away our body at there while playing with each other.

At night around 8.30 pm, our leader told us that every group need to create one cheers that describe our group. Then, before we begin our next session every group need to perform that cheers. All of us in the group was not ready and we just performed what we could. Activity on that night was just critical thinking and my group failed to go to another side but another group success in doing that. Maybe all of us not really good in that kind of things. But actually we does a good strategy but it's took more time than other group. That's why we failed :\ . That was my last activity on second day.

-to be continued-

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