Monday, 17 October 2016

Ekspedisi Penyambung Warisan- Day 3

Hye and assalamualaikum ☺,

Okey tonight..I'm going to continue the story for 3rd day during an expedition in Negeri Sembilan on last August. Actually I just have a few times tonight to continue writing about this. As usual, when the class begin the time for this kind of things was really little.

So on the 3rd day, we were gathered at 8.30 am to get ready for hiking. After we were brief by Abang Rushdi and huh ..there were another mission to get settled during going up to the Gunung Angsi. He gave us  an envelope that contained an information of how to complete the mission.We have been released by Abg Rushdi separately to hike on the peak by completing the mission using our own strategy. So, at the check point 2 and 3 we need to ask a question regarding the information that we need to collect before reached the peak. All of us chose to cooperate with each other by sharing the information so that we can reach the peak together.

 Before all of us been released to go up hike one by one.

My turn to start hiking to find the 2nd and 3rd check point for mission

There were many obstacle during our journey to reach the peak of Gunung Angsi at every check point where the committee asked us about GPMS info and at some point we need to sing a GPMS song and memorize it right away.We reach the peak at around 2pm and having lunch with 'Nasi Impit' that we cooked at the night before. Actually I didn't eat 'Nasi Impit' so I just ate bread that I brought to fill my stomach. Then, after everyone taking their selfie at the peak we continue the mission that they gave us before going to the peak. Both group of us can't find the solution and at the end, the committee explained it to us. It's a critical thinking that we were not really expected plus with tiring body and mind, how could we thought about it.
Yeayyh finally..

Lunch at the peak of Gunung Angsi
Selfie comes first..

After going down and reached at Ulu Bendul camp site, we were free from any activity and the committee said our activity will started at night. So, we just use this plenty of time to have some fun at the swimming pool hoho.At night around 9pm, we started our activity by meeting with one of senior person in GPMS called, Encik Amir. At first, he was very strict and asked one by one to speak louder by calling everyone names. I was hoping that he didn't call me because my voice not really loud and I'm still coughing badly. Luckily he doesn't.But .. this night we need to do public speaking to tell everyone about what we got along 3 days staying here. Everyone of us appear one by one voluntarily in front of the stage and tell them what we think and what we didn't satisfied. Until all of us finished our public speaking then the activity for the 3rd day was ended.
En Amir called us randomly to pick one person and then asked about everyone names.

-to be continued-

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