Monday, 17 October 2016

Ekspedisi Penyambung Warisan - Day 4

Assalamualaikum :)

Okey the 4th day of an expedition, we need to go to Ladang Alam Warisan for the next activity. As usual, we had been brief by Abang Rushdi and of course there were a mission that we need to complete during our journey. He gave us an envelope that said we need to interview local people around and asked the question stated that relate with our Malay students right now.
Luckily ..I've completed my mission in 40 minutes and after that we were waiting for the bus to take us to the Ladang Alam Warisan. In the middle of our journey to go there, alhamdulillah we met an uncle who willingly to send us to Ladang Alam Warisan because we can't go in there by bus and to walk there without transport is quite far.
Abang Rushdi gave us an envelope and brief about the mission.

Taking a picture with the owner, Abang Akmal's mum

Luckily..that strangers uncle want to help us :)

Doing our mission to clean the mosque

That uncle send us inside of Ladang Alam Warisan and refuse to take the money that we gave. He' s such a good person.. We were completing our mission by cleaning the mosque inside of that place. After all the mission had been settled..we walked to have our lunch but...we were unlucky because we bumped into Abang Akmal too early and he suddenly asked us to explain about '4 sedar' in took an hour we got mumbling by him. One of our members got caught sleepy and she had been asked by Abang Akmal to kiss the big tree behind us. Huhh ..this expedition were something .
Till our free time already finished because Abang Akmal took he then asked us to change clothes within 3 minutes and come back for archery session. We were running scatterly to the room in order to prevent from being punished again.During archery session, he teached us on how to focus and it's apply on our daily life. He said, if we want to aim for something, we need to keep focus.Only that, our goal can be achieved.
Listening to Abang Akmal mumbling about how weak 'anak melayu' 

Getting punished to pumping for multiple times due to lack of focus

Archery session

Need to catch a 100 of fishes in this pond

 Don't know how to catch using our hands hahha

After that, he dared us to catch a hundred of fish in the pond by using our hands. He said if not..that fish more genius than us. Until on the last minutes, we managed to get only 19 of fishes. But it's quite great because we never done this kind of things before.That night, after performed a Maghrib prayer, we had been asked by Abang Akmal to cook that fish with the menu that he wanted.  He also wanted all of that menu to be served in one tray for every 4 of people.So, all of us cooperated and divided the task to prepare for tonight dinner. Luckily.. all preparation goes perfectly.

After dinner time, we continue our session by presenting feedback that we got from interview session with local people. One by one from us told each opinion that we got and sometimes other committee and Abang Akmal will added their thought if needed. It's such a peaceful discussion about Malay race in the future if we didn't changes our negativity in terms of knowledge, behaviour, way of thinking and others. That way make me think how lucky I am to be included in this club because they are all positive people and because of them I could see the best in me.

After finished that discussion, our activity for today finished but still En Amir asked us to list all the feedback on manila card to be put in their office as references. All of that things had been done by us right away that night.At 1 am, we were went head back to our room and rest our body for tomorrow activity.

-to be continued-

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